Each subscriber automatically receives an email confirmation when they first subscribe, and a recurring email receipt either monthly or annually to let them know their subscription has been renewed. 

If you have checked your Spam folder and can confirm that you did not receive an initial email confirmation of your purchase, we recommend logging in to your account to view your subscription details, including your receipt/invoice.

To view/download your receipt/invoice:

  • Log in to your SuperSummary account. Make sure you are using the email address you used to subscribe. 
  • On the left side of the screen, go to My SuperSummary
  • Click the "Manage Subscription" button to view details about your subscription

  • Select the "Billing History" option

  • Click "Download" to download your invoice.

If you didn't receive this confirmation and are unable to log in, it could be because there was a misspelling in the email address when it was entered. 

In this case, or to get assistance with anything else, please reach out to [email protected]