The process on Gumroad remains the same: you will find a link to Gumroad in your initial subscription confirmation email or recurring receipt—click the link to begin.

  • Select "Library" in Gumroad’s navigation.

  • Click on the SuperSummary icon that appears on the library page.

  • Next, an overlay will appear. Click on “View Product” to access SuperSummary’s study guide index.

  • When you access the library, you will find a long list of titles that you can either read online or download. To find a specific study guide title, simply keyword search for the title of the book.

    • If you have a PC, use CTRL+F to open a search box. Type in the title of the book (or a keyword from the title) and hit Enter or use the scrolling arrows that appear in your browser. The screen should then scroll to the title you are looking for.

    • If you have a Mac, use Command+F to open the search box, and then proceed as described above.